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Bassil Silver
Powerglove - United States


Without a doubt, Bassil Silver plays in the nerdiest band the modern world has ever seen. Powerglove, named in homage to the 80’s Nintendo controller, plays adaptations of popular video game, cartoon and movie themes infused with the speed, power, and overblown grandiosity of heavy metal. Powerglove has toured the US and Canada multiple times with bands such as Dragonforce, Hammerfall, and Sonata Arctica, and has generated worldwide recognition for their over-the-top and exciting live show.

Bassil began playing drums at the age of 8, and has since developed a very powerful and blazing fast playing style. Attending Berklee College of Music as a Music Production & Engineering major, Bassil had the opportunity to study under such drummers as Mike Mangini, Jackie Santos and Tony “Thunder” Smith, as well as learn the techniques he applied to the engineering and recording Powerglove’s albums.

With their upcoming album, and international tours to support it, Powerglove promises to bring back the childhood memories of video game fans, and cartoon watchers, in the most extreme way possible.


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